Luxury Vinyl Installation

Before Luxury Vinyl Installation

You will appreciate how smooth the new luxury vinyl installation process is, especially when you take these key recommendations beforehand. Start by removing all furniture, electronics, and wall hangings from the rooms receiving new floors, and clear closets as well. Since many luxury vinyl products offer floating floor installation capability, your old floors may not need to be removed entirely and disposed of! This creates a much quicker, easier installation process. Once your subfloor is assessed, you are ready for installation day.

What to expect

When your luxury vinyl installation day is here, an adult needs to be home during the process to answer any questions that may arise for the crew. Many luxury vinyl products feature attached underlayment that makes the overall installation process smoother. Whether your luxury vinyl installation is a glue-down process or floating floor, safety is key in your home! For an average-sized room, your new luxury vinyl installation will only take one day from start to finish.

Designate an area in the home for the workers to keep dangerous installation tools and saw luxury vinyl pieces as needed. Keep children and pets away from the rooms receiving new luxury vinyl floors, as well as the designated worker’s area. If the flooring height has changed when new luxury vinyl is installed, especially if a floating installation method is used, the doors in the room will need to be removed and shaved down to ensure full range of motion.

Once your new luxury vinyl is installed, your installation crew will specify how long you need to wait before walking into the room. Any adhesives will need to cure completely before receiving any activity, but a floating floor can be ready for immediate light foot traffic! When you are returning furniture and furnishings back into the room, always lift pieces or use proper rolling equipment, and use felt protectors under the legs of heavy pieces to reduce impact. Now is also the time to ask any luxury vinyl flooring questions you may have, as well as learn any immediate care steps to take.