Luxury Vinyl Care & Maintenance

Daily Luxury Vinyl Care

You will cherish how easy it is to care for your luxury vinyl floors! Here are a few extra measures that you can take to help preserve your floors daily. First, use mats at all entranceways and have guests remove footwear at the door when they enter the home. Brush your pets frequently to reduce the amount of hair and dander and trim all pet claws to prevent scratching the luxury vinyl. Also, you can add area rugs to your luxury vinyl floors for an extra layer of protection against foot traffic, pets, and spills!

Dirt, Debris, Spills & More

To keep your luxury vinyl looking attractive and new, keep the resilient, versatile surface free of any offenders! Tracked-in dirt, debris, dust, and pet dander can all become abrasive over time and scratch the floors. If a spill occurs on your luxury vinyl, this inherently moisture resistant surface will give you time to treat it without worry and without permanent damage to your floor.

When it comes to removing dirt and debris most effectively from your luxury vinyl surface, we recommend that you sweep with a soft bristle broom, dust-mop, or vacuum daily or as frequently as possible. Always disengage all vacuum beater bars and just to be safe, we recommend that you verify with your luxury vinyl manufacturer’s warranty before using a robot vacuum cleaner.

If a spill or pet accident occurs on your luxury vinyl, there’s no need to stress at all! Simply lift and remove any solid material with a spoon and paper towels, and then wipe up the liquid spill with a dry, clean white cloth or paper towels. That’s it.

You can always use a gentle vinyl-specific cleaner to spot treat as needed. For an efficient deep clean, you can quickly wet-mop your luxury vinyl floors or use a Swiffer WetJet cleaning system.