Carpet Care & Maintenance

Daily Carpet Care

There are plenty of measures that you can take that will help preserve your attractive carpets daily. First, use mats at all entranceways and have guests remove footwear at the door when they enter the home. Brush your pets frequently to reduce the amount of hair and dander and trim all pet claws to prevent snagging the carpet. Also, you can add area rugs to your carpet for a layered look that offers extra protection!

Dirt, Debris, Spills & More

To keep your carpet looking pristine and fresh, it’s incredibly important to keep the surface free of any offenders! Tracked-in dirt, debris, dust, and pet dander can all become abrasive over time and dull the surface. If a spill occurs on your carpet, many modern carpets have impressive stain resistance that reduce worry for owners of active homes. However, you still want to act as soon as they occur with the proper care steps to prevent permanent stains and absorption into the carpet.

When it comes to removing dirt and debris most effectively from your carpet surface, we recommend that you vacuum daily or as frequently as possible with an appropriate vacuum model. We also recommend disengaging all beater bars and verifying with your carpet manufacturer’s warranty before investing in a robot vacuum cleaner. Your carpet construction and type will determine the best vacuum cleaner and our experts can help you match the best model.

If a spill or pet accident occurs on your carpet, start by gently lifting and removing any solid material with a spoon. Next, begin blotting the stain with a dry, clean white cloth and warm water. Begin blotting from the perimeter of the stain and work into the center. You can then use a gentle carpet-specific cleaner to spot treat as needed. We recommend that you have your carpet professionally cleaned 1-2 times annually as part of your overall carpet care strategy to remove any residual stain.